~ The Winged Onez Flock ~

- Every Journey has a secret destination of which the traveler is unaware.

To Those New to The Community: 

Welcome to the Supernatural Community. ^-^ I believe everything happens for a reason so if you just randomly stumbled across the site, I hope you intend to stay active because you found it for a reason. What that reason is? Who knows. Maybe you're here to learn to be open-minded, or maybe you need to learn to question everything on the internet. Its really up to interpretation. ;)

Welcome to the Site, Guys.

Anyway, Welcome to my site! I'm Echo, and before I continue on, I want to make it clear that this isn't a role-playing site.

The Rules of The Site: 

1. Make sure you respect the other members. we're a family after all, right?

 2. This site isn't meant for role-playing so don't do as such, thank you.  

3. Some members do not like fowl language so please keep it to a minimum. Also, please do not say things that might offend another member. We'd like to keep this site a home for everyone.<3

4.  Have an open mind to others beliefs, and ideas. If somebody says something you don't agree with, don't get mad. Accept that other users have different beliefs. But, if the subject at hand can be proven wrong, others can and will correct you. Do not purposely spread incorrect information. Discussions are held in the forums to discuss certain things and decipher between fact and fiction. :)

5. You are your own person; Do not tell other people personal information about you that you don't want others to know.  Just know that if It's out there, anyone can read it. Share only what you feel will not put you or others in harms' way.

6. Proper spelling & grammer is strongly encouraged.

7. No bullying, obviously. Even though that is hardly an issue here nowadays, just keep this in mind. If it happens, you'll only get one warning. Being rude or belittling another for any reason falls under this and will not be taken lightly.  

All in All...

All in All, this is a site for everyone to learn together and have a good time. I'd like this site to be a home for everyone. :) Never be afraid to ask questions and discuss controversial topics! This site is to learn, to gain knowledge most are never given the chance to know. Post your own findings, if you'd like! This site is for all of us. You are all able to contribute. c: 

Please, make this site yours.